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5/7/06-So school is over.  I will be updating the site a bit more.  I have added a new blog so check that out.  It's over there <<<.  I added more pictures.  There's a new section, personal experiences. 
1/9/06-Unfortunately I will not be updating the site with news.  I am starting school in a week and want to focus on that.  I'll probably still add pictures and check those out, there are HUNDREDS of pics of current and former players.  I just want to take this chance to wish the Yankees good luck this season.  And hope everyone has a good year.
12/22/05-Bernie stays in pinstripes...Bernie's coming back to New York next season.  He was signed to a one-year contract.  He'll more than likely serve as backup and DH.  Glad to see Berns in pinstripes.  Read more at
Image hosted by Photobucket.com12/21/05-Damon to New York...Four years at $52 million.  We now have a leadoff and a center, two things that everyone says we needed but didn't.  We weren't desperate.  Bubba started in the playoffs, the Yankees should have had a little faith, see how he did.  And Jeter is only leadoff at the beginning of the game.  The idea of leadoff is mainly when pitchers still batted.  It's DH baseball now and leadoff hitters don't really exist anymore.  I like Damon even when he was with the Red Sox.  He was respectful, decent.  Nomar chose the Dodgers and I was disappointed primarily because I wanted to see the Yankees do something big.  Well I got my wish.  Read more at
12/21/05-Dotel, Yankees agree to one-year deal...I don't know much about Dotel. He's on for one-year at $2mil.  He's coming off Tommy John surgery.  He pitched with the A's last year.  Lots of guys in the bullpen now.  I think after the past season that the Yankees are scared of injuries.  Read more at
12/19/05-Trio of Yankees reject arbitration offers...Bernie Williams, Al Leiter, and Ramiro Mendoza all declined arbitration giving them and the Yankees until January 8 to negotiate.  Mendoza has already accepted a minor league assignment.  Bernie will likely sign a deal in about a week.  Leiter, I'm not sure about.  Read more at
12/10/05-Yankees kind of quiet at Winter Meetings...There were no huge moves on the Yankees part at this past weeks' meeting.  They traded Tony Womack to the Reds for Kevin Howard and Ben Himes, signed Mike Myers to a two year deal, extended arbitration offers to Bernie Williams, Al Leiter and Ramiro Mendoza; declined arbitration offers to Kevin Brown, Tino Martinez, John Flaherty, Felix Rodriguez, Sierra, Alan Embree, Matt Lawton and Rey Sanchez.  Read more at, for more teams go to
12/02/05-Yanks sign Farnsworth...The Yankees and Kyle Farnsworth agreed on a 3-year $17 million contract.  And Rivera is no longer without a setup man.  Farnsworth has played with the Cubs, Braves and Tigers.  Farnsworth career:  23-38, 4.45 ERA, 20 SV, 554 SO  Read more at



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