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About Hidek Matsui

“There is no need to chase the level of success people expect him to achieve.” -Ichiro Suzuki

“Jeter, Williams, Giambi, Alfonso—they’ll help him become a better player. He will rise to a new level.” -Masanori Murakami

“He’s a phenomenal player who’s accomplished some incredible feats in Japan.” -Jason Giambi

“He uses the whole field and has a good idea of the plate.” -Art Howe

“Matsui will be expected to hit balls out of the park.” -Sadahuru Oh

“He’s a good player and he’ll put on a good show. He’ll be fine.” -Barry Bonds

“I think Matsui is one of a kind.”-Ray Poitevini


By Hideki Matsui


“I’m aware the fans in the U.S. can be less forgiving...I’ll just have to do my best to please them.”

“I think homers are my best trait—I look forward to hitting them over there.”

“I’ve been watching American baseball on television for a long time, but it was only in recent years that, realistically, I’ve been thinking about playing here.”

“It’s important to find a team where you can be comfortable. I know there are a lot of high expectations.”

“The changeup is something I’m not used to. They don’t throw those in Japan.”

“The power of home run hitters in the majors is different from those here. It’s probably difficult for me to match that power now.”


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