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About Gary Sheffield


“The guy generates the most awesome bat speed I’ve ever seen—he doesn’t just hit balls, he kills them.” -Bobby Cox

“All I tell Gary is, if he can look in the mirror and say to himself he’s happy with what he’s doing, then he’ll be fine.” -Dwight Gooden

“More than anyone I’ve ever known, Gary has a burning desire to be great. Not good. Great.” -Billy Reed

“Ever since I’ve known him—I think he was five or six, hanging out at the playground, watching Dwight and me play—he’s pushed himself hard.” -Vance Lovelace

“The most frustrating thing for me was not getting out of Gary what I know is inside him. But he wasn’t the most helpful guy to get it out of him either.” -Tom Trebelhorn

“When I first saw him in high school, he reminded me of a young Eddie Murray.” -
John Young

“He likes to win. His commitment to the team is above everything else.” -Jeff Conine

“Gary is the one guy that can hit a home run at any time on any pitch.” -Don Baylor

“I believe Gary can do pretty much whatever he puts his mind to—if he’s healthy.” -Kevin Malone

“He’s a guy who can change a game with one swing.” -
Charles Johnson

“He gives it his all every day.” -Jim Tracy

“He’s one of the most dynamic and consistent hitters in baseball.” -John Scheurholz


By Gary Sheffield

"I get paid a lot of money, so I’m supposed to be Superman."

"Most people figured I’d be in jail. I’ve been proving people wrong my whole life."

"Play as hard as you can, and when things get tough just work harder to get better."

"I press myself a lot, and that’s why I draw a lot of injuries. I play to be competitive, and I play aggressively."

"People ask how close I am to Dwight. Well, we’re only four years apart. He’s my older brother."

"What could ever be more fun than playing baseball from sunup to sundown?"

"Everything you asked for in Milwaukee you didn’t get—Ask for good weather, you don't get it. Ask for a good playing surface, you don't get it. Ask for a first-class organization, you don't get it."

"I’ve never done drugs. Never. I know people don't believe that, but it’s true...I was one of the few kids in my neighborhood lucky enough to never put that stuff in my body, and I’m proud of that."

"I just want to live a normal life, the way I did before I played professional baseball, before people knew who I was."

I am NOT affiliated with the New York Yankees. I am just a fan. I am not Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez or any other member of the Yankee ballclub. This site is mainly for entertainment purposes only.