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Yankee Quotes
"One night I was watching a quiz show on TV and the question was, 'Name a baseball team synonymous with winning.'  One girl said, 'Dodgers'  The other girl said, 'Giants.'  That made me madder than hell.  I kept saying, 'Yankees, you dummies'  And of course, the answer was the Yankees."  -Billy Martin

“The essence of the Yankees is that they win. From in front or from behind, they win. And that's why the history of the New York Yankees is virtually the history of baseball." - Dave Anderson


“If you saw that Yankee pitching too often, there would be a lot of guys doing different jobs." - Joe Rudi

I am NOT affiliated with the New York Yankees. I am just a fan. I am not Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez or any other member of the Yankee ballclub. This site is mainly for entertainment purposes only.