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We were as one babe       

For a moment in time        

And it seemed everlasting           

That you would always be mine    

Now you want to be free    

So I'm letting you fly     

'Cause I know in my heart Derek    

Our love will never die             



You'll always be a part of me         

Im part of you indefinitely           

Boy dont you know you cant escape me          

Ooh darling 'cause youll always be my Yankee   

And we'll linger on           

Time can't erase a feeling this strong     

No way you're ever gonna shake me            

Oh darling 'cause youll always be my Yankee   


I ain't gonna cry no           

And I wont beg you to stay          

If you're determined to leave boy             

I will not stand in your way          

But inevitably you'll be back again      

'Cause you know in your heart babe           

Our love will never end            





I know that you'll be back boy        

When your days and your nights get a       

Little bit colder     

I know that youll be right back baby       

Oh baby believe me it's only a matter     

Of time



I am NOT affiliated with the New York Yankees. I am just a fan. I am not Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez or any other member of the Yankee ballclub. This site is mainly for entertainment purposes only.